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Massage is a great way, not only of treating ailments that you may already have, but also preventing further problems and maintaining your health. It increases your circulation which helps repair and sooth your muscles. Improved circulation also helps to encourage toxins out of your body by speeding up your metabolism and enhancing your lymphatic system. This is a great way to detox and strengthen your immune system. As a result of these things, it can be expected that your sleep will improve and in turn, your concentration levels will rise, stress levels will fall. It is while you are in a deep sleep that your body does most of its repair work.


Massage is a very diverse treatment and is tailored to your individual needs. You may want a gentle, relaxing experience, or perhaps you need a deeper massage to help alleviate built up tension in your muscles. Your condition and areas of discomfort in your body will determine the type of treatment that suits you best.

A massage is usually carried out on a specially designed bed with a hole to comfortably place your face whilst having your neck and shoulders massaged. There is also a massage chair which is very useful for treating pregnant ladies, so do not worry if you are unable or would prefer not to lay down, there are a number of ways in which your treatment can be performed. We will discuss these things together when you arrive for your session. 


Massage can help with a number of different conditions; sports injuries, lymphatic drainage (water retention, swelling), stiff joints and muscles, stress, insomnia, general aches and pains, etc. Every persons' body and condition is different, therefor, no two massage treatments are the same. The pressure and style of your massage will be adjusted to meet your personal requirements.

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