Reflexology is an in depth foot massage. Pressure is applied to certain areas of your foot which correlate with different parts of your body. During a session you or I may notice that particular points are more tender or 'crunchy' than others, this may give an indication of the whereabouts of problem areas inside your body. There are also a number of very effective acupressure points around the foot and ankle areas, these will also often be used throughout

a treatment.


Reflexology is a subtle way of opening up your bodies systems. It is a natural boost for your digestion, immune and lymphatic systems. Each area of your foot represents a different area or organ inside your body, when massaged or manipulated, these areas act as trigger points stimulating your bodies natural energy. This will leave you feeling relaxed, energised and happy.


With reflexology, it is possible to detect and relieve certain conditions as they manifest in the foot. It can be great for stress relief, tiredness, insomnia, anxiety, IBS, headaches, and more. It is an ideal way to kick start a detox! Reflexology is also very popular with pregnant ladies, it is a natural yet effective method of relaxation and relief from the many symptoms that come with pregnancy. It is widely thought that the use of reflexology may reduce the risk of intervention and can encourage a natural labour, particularly if you have passed your due date.

1 hr £30


30 mins £20




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