"Tina Malcolm is one of those rare therapists that not only has a mind full of holistic knowledge and experience but is a very approachable and personable person. Whether treating marathon runners or overdue pregnant ladies Tina has the ability to draw clients in and make them feel wonderful for the short time they are in treatment.

Her various techniques in massage, holistic treatments and particularly her expertise in treating pregnant women is what really draws her apart from other therapists - not many people can claim to ease runners knee, induce a woman into labour and help a cancer sufferer relax and centre all in one day. From day one she was a fantastic asset to this clinic and will be sorely missed by clients and staff alike."


Jennie Lloyd - Owner Anatomy



"I booked a deep back massage session with Tina having previously tried a short taster session. Tina has a quiet and reassuring approach which made me feel completely at ease. She explained exactly what she was going to do and answered my questions in a knowledgeable and highly professional manner. I found the whole experience very effective in relieving my upper back tension and I left feeling calm and relaxed. I would highly recommend Tina to people who need muscle pain relief or those people with stress or tension related conditions."


Christine Barrett



"I started seeing Tina just for a treat really because I’d had reflexology once before and really enjoyed the relaxing experience.Little did I know the wonders Tina could work. I’d had a few great massages to help combat back and neck pain and had reflexology to just “zone out” but when I came down with a complex digestive condition Tina’s knowledge and patience combined with her excellence in Reflexology and Acupuncture really helped. It makes the treatments all the better that she is such a kind and interesting person to talk to as well."


Sharon Mullaney



"Thank you so much for all your amazing treatments! It is very rare to find such a great therapist who really gets to all of those nasty painful bits whilst giving a relaxing and truly restorative massage."


Jacki Bambrough

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